With the West Nile virus west of the Rockies in California and Oregon the BC Centre For Disease Control predicts it will travel north with the Pacific flyway bird migration to B.C. this year.

The virus-carrying mosquitos don’t fare well in cold weather and so far have not been reported in other provinces further north than 52 degrees latitude, which is close to Williams Lake, B.C. The BC Centre For Disease Control website has all any silviculture first aid attendants will need to know to recognize symptoms should they appear on crews. The centre offers advice on how to reduce exposure and what effective personal insect repellents are available.

A potent chemical bug repellent called permethrin, which is applied to clothing and tenting, may offer some general relief from tics and mosquito predators including the West Nile carriers. However, although available to the Canadian military, it is so far not for sale in Canada. Readily found on the web, one should read the warnings, before deciding to use it.