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Why become a supplier member of the WSCA?

Since 1984 the WSCA has been the recognized representative of silvicultural contractors working in both BC and Alberta. Today our members do about 80% of the $300 million of silviculture work in the two provinces. Our membership spends about $70 million dollars annually on products and services throughout BC and Alberta. In addition, our members pay out more than $175 million dollars in wages to employees, some of which is immediately re-circulated back into the economy with their purchases of goods and services. In short, the WSCA is the representative of a huge buying group.

The WSCA has participated in many projects since 1984. Our recent success in working with government to get new employment standards legislation passed in record time has established the importance of our Association. As the WSCA tackles other major forestry issues, more contractors will be drawn into our Association and to our web site.

Our web page will become the place where silvicultural contractors go to get information, to find out what is happening with government, to communicate with other members and to shop for supplier goods. If you choose to become an associate member you will be able to get direct access to this market via our web site which is directly targeted at your customers. They will be looking to find suppliers that are WSCA accredited members and to shop with those that have direct links from our web page directly to yours. This web page will be a very cost-effective way for suppliers to reach members.

Supplier Membership

  • WSCA members recently passed a resolution agreeing to prioritize purchasing with WSCA supplier members. Contractors wish to spend their money with suppliers that have helped to fund this association. Your membership will quickly identify you as an accredited WSCA supplier.

  • Your company name, address and phone number will be posted on the WSCA web page. It will be viewed by our membership (as well as non-member contractors who will also be allowed free access to this part of the web site) when contractors and employees are shopping for goods.

  • Your name will be listed by product or service type to facilitate members finding what you have to sell easily. You will gain exposure to all the contractors in the association in both BC and Alberta.

  • Your company’s product or service will also be listed by your geographic location so that contractors who are coming into your community for the first time, or on an irregular basis can quickly find good local suppliers.

What is the cost?

  • $200 annually.

Why become a licensee member?

  • The WSCA lobbies on behalf on industry on policies that affect silviculture operations.

  • The WSCA has become an effective lobbying body that has the ear of government.

  • Silvicultural foresters can become aware of operational issues that affect contractors and what impact they might have on silviculture operations.

  • It is in the best interest of the forest industry to have a healthy silvicultural contracting community to select from, which the WSCA facilitates.

What is the cost?

  • Cost of $1000 per division.
    Discounts available for multiple licensee divisions.