The WFCA strives to be at the forefront of responsible business practices, advocating for integrity, transparency, respect, and accountability. Our members, representing diverse industries and regions, and are united by a common belief in the importance of ethical conduct as the cornerstone of a responsible business sector.

The WFCA Code of Conduct and Principles of Respectful Conduct in Forestry are designed to fulfill two essential purposes:

Guidance for Members: They outline the standards of behavior that WFCA members are expected to uphold in their professional roles. These standards encompass not only legal compliance but also ethical considerations that reflect the highest levels of professionalism.

Framework for Organizational Values: They serve as a framework that reflects the collective values and ethics of the WFCA organization itself. They guide our decisions, interactions, and engagements with all stakeholders, reinforcing our commitment to excellence and responsibility.

This Code of Conduct is not a static document but a living embodiment of our shared values. It evolves with our organization and the world around us, reflecting our commitment to continuous improvement and alignment with the highest standards of ethical conduct.

Download the Code of Conduct for WFCA Members

Download the Principles of Respectful Conduct in Forestry