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Western Forestry Contractors’ Association



Representing forestry contractors in Western Canada, promoting ethics, safety, & industry excellence.

The Western Forestry Contractors’ Association (WFCA) represents independent businesses involved in forest management, ecosystem restoration and reforestation, wildfire management, pre and post-harvest planning and implementation services.

We are based in British Columbia, Canada, and our mission is to promote and support sustainable forestry practices, ensure a safe and healthy work environment, provide advocacy and representation to our members, and represent our sector to the public. We believe in partnering with all governments, industry licensees, regulatory agencies, and community stakeholders to achieve these goals.

Our non-profit organization is primarily funded through membership fees and is governed by a volunteer board. Through our funding, we support initiatives that benefit the forestry sector and our forests. These include the Safe Forestry Program and the Silviculture Labour Force Strategy, our annual conferences, and subject matter expert contributions to the development of our governments’ forest policies.

Membership with the WFCA is voluntary.


The WFCA strives to be forward-thinking and flexible. We believe in continual improvement and the ability to pivot our focus and resources to effect positive change. We confront climate and environmental objectives through meaningful work. We will work together with First Nations in addressing reconciliation. We will collaborate with our stakeholders to support best business practices, professional integrity, and wise policy in the forest industry. We care about the long-term health of the forest.


Established in 1984, the Western Silvicultural Contractor’s Association (WSCA) has been dedicated to advocating for effective policies to responsibly manage the province’s forest resources.

From its inception, WSCA played a pivotal role in advocating for effective forestry stewardship and pushing for a regulatory framework that aligned with the realities of the industry and the interests of its members. Notably, WSCA was one of the founding members of the BC Forest Safety Council, and it actively contributed to the development of leading safety programs within the sector through initiatives like the Safe Silviculture Project. Additionally, WSCA played a direct role in advocating for increased protection of silviculture worker wages under Section 37.9 of the Employment Standards Regulation. Over the years, the WSCA has actively participated in shaping and enhancing these policies. Additionally, the association has been a leading voice in promoting regulations that align with the practical needs of the forestry sector, safeguarding the interests of its members and their employees.


WFCA was established in 2017, through a merger of two organizations with a long history of supporting forestry contracting business in BC.

The Western Forestry Contractors’ Association (WFCA) was created through the merger of two key organizations in British Columbia: the Society of Consulting Foresters of BC and the Western Silvicultural Contractors’ Association.

The Society of Consulting Foresters, founded in 1968 as part of the Association of BC Forest Professionals, originally aimed to elevate the status of forestry consultants and improve work standards. Later, it shifted its focus to enhancing membership value and advocating for a thriving forest sector.

The Western Silvicultural Contractor’s Association (WSCA), which was established in 1984, had a primary focus on advocating for forest resource policies that were effective and regulatory environments that were practical, with a particular emphasis on influencing labor regulations and safety initiatives. Prior to the formation of WSCA, contractors, workers, and worker-cooperatives were part of the Pacific Reforestation Workers Association (PRWA). However, after WSCA’s formation, PRWA continued for a few years before eventually dissolving.

The merger between these two organizations was driven by a shared goal of having a stronger collective voice in advocating for members and leveraging resources. It also promotes collaboration in business practices, policy advocacy, and safety programming, all in support of sustainable resource management and business sustainability.


To serve our members, partners, communities, and forests.


The WFCA serves its members by remaining dedicated to effective advocacy for our valued members in the business community.

Our core focus is to generate value for our members and the public by advancing forest policy and improving the practice of silviculture and ecosystem restoration. We accomplish this by cooperating as a sector and working with all levels of government, regulatory agencies, and our industry clients. We are the public face of our sector.


We continue to provide regular communication and press releases about industry issues and events including annual conferences and staging international conferences on wildfire.

Business Practices

conductWe advocate for sound, appropriate regulations and standards (labour and contracting standards) and establishment of value-based business practices, guided by our code of conducts.

Forest Policy

We advocate for sound forest policies to promote the health and resilience of BC’s forest as we adapt to climate change.

Safety & Labour

We actively participate in the Forest Safety Council and advocate for implementation of safety programming and training for the industry.