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Forest health, health and safety in the silvicultural workplace, doing business under the new Forest and Range Practices Act are some of the major themes of the next WSCA conference 29, 30, 31 January 2003.

WSCA Annual Conference and Trade Show

Our annual conference will move north again next year to Prince George, B.C. 29, 30,31 January 2003. The program will revolve around two themes: forest health and the role the silvicultural industry can play in dealing with fire, pest and disease; and workplace health and safety and how we can reduce rising injury rates and costs in our sector. These two broad areas will be augmented with practical workshops to deal with the nuts and bolts of operating silvicultural businesses in the Liberal New Era. In particular Forest Minister Mike de Jong will talk about forestry practices and the transition to the new Forest Range and Practices Act.

To give an overview of the political landscape where all the policy making is taking place Vancouver Sun columnist Vaughn Palmer will speak at our evening banquet. At our AGM members will vote on whether the silvicultural contracting should join the WCB-funded Forest Industry Safety Association which would then develop workplace safety training and accident reduction strategies for our forestry sector.

Along with the very active program dedicated to business practice and policy there will be lots of time for the trade show and informal networking that make this conference one of best forestry get-togethers in the province.

WSCA 22nd Annual Conference, AGM, and Trade Show Coast Inn of the North Prince George, B.C. 29, 30, 31 January 2003


January 29, 2003 Wednesday Afternoon: Plenary session and panel presentations/discussions;

Forest Health in Western Canada

Are Western Canada’s forests sustainable, biologically diverse, and resilient? Or are they under threat from fire, pest, disease and humans? Are the current forest health threats just nature taking its course? Or is nature way off track, in fact, behaving unnaturally? Have past forest management practices contributed to the problem? Are our plantations, our future forests, under threat? What does the future hold if the current trends continue? Are there remedies?

Plenary/Panel Session Presenters:

Larry Pedersen, B.C. Chief Forester Bob Gray, Forest Ecologist Bruce Blackwell, Forest Ecologist Dr. Eric Allen, Research Scientist, Canadian Forest Service Bob Clark, B.C. Ministry of Forest

January 30

Thursday: Plenary sessions, trade show, buffet lunch, workshops, bar, banquet

Plenary Session Presenters:

The Honourable Mike de Jong, Minister of Forests Topic: Forestry and the new Forest and Range Practices Act

Dr. Delia Roberts, Suzanne Kinney Ergonomist Injury reduction and prevention for silvicultural workers

Ken Baker, Deputy Chief Forester, B.C. Ministry of Forests Reports on the Forest Investment Account, defined forest area management, and third party silvicultural stewardship

Thomas White, Canadian Forest Service The Kyoto Protocol, carbon sequestration and federal initiatives in the forestry sector

Afternoon Workshops:

WCB Claims Management: Ken Henry, Ministry of Labour Regional Manager Employers Advisers-Compensation Advisory Services

Employment Standards Act regulations: TBA representative from B.C. Employment Standards Branch

Faller Certification and tree spacing: Dave Rowe, Forest Industry Safety Association

Banquet Speaker Vaughn Palmer, Vancouver Sun columnist Palmer on Politics

January 31

Friday morning: Annual General Meeting, various reports, election of directors, membership vote on FISA,

Presentation on Forest Industry Safety Association Jim Chorney FISA