SafetyMeetingThe silvicultural safety and training sector of Forest Industry Safety Association is in the first steps developing its program for next year. Courses will not likely be running full tilt until next year.

The silvicultural sector health and safety training program administered by the Forest Industry Safety Association (FISA) and funded by a special WCB levy will begin next year. Some pilot training projects are planned for this fall to road test a few of the existing FISA training courses for suitablility to silvicultural needs. A major report is due mid-July outlining the injury trends of the silvicultural industry. This needs assessment study is the first of its kind for the sector and will be used to guide the development of programs and trainingfor the 2004 silvicultural safety program.

The silvicultural sector of FISA is separate and independent of the existing FISA program operating with its own budget and strategic plan. The needs assessment and anticipated strategic planning process will identify what courses will be offered and developed for next year as part of the FISA silvicultural sector program. Whatever courses FISA sponsors next year will have to meet the criteria of reducing the frequency and severity of injuries in silvicultural and related forestry work. Courses now part of the FISA program may or may not be included in the silvicultural sector curriculum next year. Results of the needs assessment will be made available following their release later this month.