Western Forestry Contractors’ Association
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16 December 2022
Volume 22 Issue 13

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Christmas, Hanukkah, Rohatsu, Advent, Posada Navadinas, Solstice, and all other December Holiday Greetings from the RoundUpdate

And here is our annual holiday season 2022 Crop Circle Contest winner as voted by our many readers none of whom have admitted to being secret members of the Order of Free and Accepted Masons. The little bits and dots in the picture are people: they just look small from above. 

WFCA 2023 Conference Program Update

We’re working on it. Stay tuned as we type. Next update early January.

We continue to confirm our speakers for the WFCA 2023 Annual Conference including the workplace safety, labour, forest policy and practice portions of the three-day program. Here’s the latest:

Reconciliation with Indigenous Peoples:
Indigenous Corporate Training Inc. presenter TBA will provide an introductory session based on their company’s founder Bob Joseph’s bestseller 21 Things You May Not Know About the Indian Act.

The Future of Drone Planting:
John Innes Professor, Faculty of Forestry UBC. As an advisor to one of the drone planting start-ups now piloting planting programs across Canada, Professor Innes will provide an update on work to date, prospects for the future, and tell us how many future tree planters it might take to switch batteries on a drone fleet.

Cultural and Prescribed Burning:
As one of the strategic leads to finding our way back to cultural and prescribed burning, BCWS’s Tony Pesklevits will report on our progress among the various obstacles and incentives to returning good fire to the landscape and the part forestry contractors and workers can play in the future.

BC Chief Forester’s Vision for Reforestation:
New to the position as of this year Chief Forester Shane Berg will speak about his vision for forestry, our government’s priorities, and our progress to date in achieving them. CF Berg will also bring members of his able staff to address specific activities including the 2 Billion Tree program, NGO planting, seedling demand forecasts, FRPA legislation, and other operational and strategic aspects of his office’s ambit.

Federal Perspective on Forestry and Climate Change:
Canadian Forest Service Director Anne-Hélène Mathey will provide an overview on the scope of the 2-billion Tree program and our federal government’s intentions, interests, and priorities in forestry and other nature-based activities to mitigate the effects of climate change across Canada.

The State of BC Wood Products and Forest Sector:
The Council of Forest Industries (presenter TBA) will examine the current state and prospects for wood products sector including an examination of social license and how society’s trust of the forest industry will shape its future.

And Finally, then: A short pre-holiday note to our faithful readers:
As we pick up our metrical feet for one last push along the path of prosody before we lay down our scrivener’s pens in anticipation of seasonal rest and reprieve, we wish you all the best with special thanks to the so many of you with your always patient reminders and grammatical corrections regarding our occasional, and apparently ongoing, offenses to syntax, misused equative clauses, out of place rhetorical synecdoche, improperly served adverbial and prepositional phrases, free-range modifiers, branching sentences, and other blights to art and style that occasionally creep into our work.

See you next year.