Western Forestry Contractors’ Association
Rumour Mill RoundUpDate
25 June 2021
Volume 21 Issue 9

Warning: Due to the ongoing disruption of world-wide supply chains some facts contained in this issue may be missing parts.

Heat Warning Issued for Forestry Workers
as Temperatures Rise

As temperatures rise so does the risk of heat stroke: best to decrease exertion.

Our Forestry Safety Advocate has issued a heat alert concerned that this building heat wave poses a threat to worker safety. Jordan Tesluk states, “Over the final week of June and first week of July, we are expecting record-breaking heat across all of British Columbia and parts of Alberta. This will bring increased probability of forest fires, and a very-serious risk of heat stroke and heat exhaustion for outdoor workers, including tree planters. Outdoor work such as tree planting is very strenuous, and risk of heat stroke and heat exhaustion is high. Heat stroke can be fatal and must be taken very seriously. These conditions are HIGHLY UNUSUAL, and employers should be treating this heat spell as a serious event.

In considering what steps to take to protect workers, employers should start immediately by reviewing the hazards of extreme heat with ALL staff and ensuring that all employees (including first aid) can identify and distinguish between heat exhaustion and heat stroke and are aware of both preventive steps and how to assist workers that are impacted by heat exposure.” To read the complete alert with its full set of recommendations click here.

Fast and Numerous: Canada Plants More Than 10-million Trees in a Day

On June 10th tree planters across Canada organized the nation’s first ever Cross-Country Plant. By the time the duff had settled, at least 10,019,023 seedlings were in the ground from B.C. to the Maritimes. Organizers estimated 5,570 planters participated from 36 companies. Many companies and workers made donations to local charities, food banks and indigenous organizations. Some workers took the day to set personal records. One planter reached 11,000 seedlings in one day and donated the day’s earnings to a local charity. Given that it’s likely that not all companies across the country were involved, the true total may be a little more north of 10-million. Nevertheless, it does show that we have the capacity to plant the hundreds of millions of seedlings our governments expect us to plant heading into the future; although not in one day.

RoundUpDate Takes a Rest For Summer

Not sure about the beachball.

We meer frogs, who must croak in our bogs far from the inspired springs of the muses of Helicon in order to write this plumbeous prose need a break. Call it an outbreak of scrivener’s palsy or writer’s block. We call it summer. Once again, we thank our generous readers for their patience and persistence. We will see you again when we are a little closer to the fall.