Western Forestry Contractors’ Association
Rumour Mill RoundUpDate
5 February 2021
Volume 21 Issue 2

Warning: None of the facts contained in this edition are wrong; otherwise they wouldn’t be facts.

Our 40th Annual Conference, Expo and AGM is Already Next Week Already!

Virtual ticket sales are breaking records even if this is the first time we have ever hosted a virtual conference and kept records.

This just in:

  • There will now be a Conference Film Matinee at the end of Thursday featuring new videos and related art continuing the very popular tree planting movie festival that took the country by storm last fall. Well, parts of it, where tree planters hang out. Details to follow at wfca.ca/conference
  • Josh Batson from Forest Foods Ltd. will present Thursday morning, February 11th, on the work his firm is doing with indigenous communities in the South Interior aimed at growing forest foods, changing how we value forests, and improving their management.
  • Virtual ticket sales are over 600 last time we checked

 Chief Forester Sends Note to Forest Sector
Clarifying the FSSMF Rules

Chief Forester Diane Nicholls sent a special letter last week to all forest industry associations updating them on the rules applying to the federal Forest Sector Safety Measures Fund which her office is administering. In particular she stated that regarding prices being negotiated for this year’s work, “[the fund] is not intended for mitigating future expenses.” The WFCA had pointed out to the Chief Forester that some tree planting clients may have misunderstood the purpose of the program. To read the letter click here
Applications to the program is now closed. Meanwhile in Alberta, the program administrator reports provincial lawyers, yes, lawyers have been slow in reviewing some details delaying the fund’s roll out. The portal is expected to open soon. Our federal government will discontinue the program at the end of this fiscal year, March 31st.

Making Up for the Missed Milestone of 9-Billion Seedlings

The pandemic kind of blurred any possibilities for celebrating last year’s important tree planting milestone. Instead, commemorative face-masks and decals are in the works to be available this year. Design by Nicolene McKenzie.

The WFCA is collaborating with Forests Without Borders to purchase face masks sewn in communities in South East Asia where the charity does its work. The revenues from the sale will support the organization’s projects delivering skills, knowledge, and tools enabling poverty-stricken communities around the world to meet their challenges and to realize the many benefits obtained from the forest. Contractors interested in supporting Forests Without Borders and providing workers with collectable high-quality safety masks can reply to the WFCA by email for more details on price and delivery. Decals will also be for sale.