Western Forestry Contractors’ Association
Rumour Mill RoundUpDate
17 December 2021
Volume 21 Issue 15

Warning: some facts in this edition may contain holiday cheer

Rumour Mill RoundUpDate Special Happy Holidays Edition With Annual Christmas Crop Circle

OK, so this is what happens when a safety campaign overshoots its message a little. Anyway, do take care. Seasoned Greetings Happy New Year.

WFCA Raises $10,000 to Assist Lytton Wildfire Fighters

Throughout this annus horribilis of disasters our first responders, wildfire fighters, and health care workers have stood at their posts in the face of peril. It is with that in mind that the WFCA will distribute the $10,000 donated this fall to the Lytton Wildfire Fighters Fund among the 28 crew members who defended Lytton against the disastrous wildfire that destroyed much of the town last summer. Some of the wildfire fighters lived in Lytton and lost their homes. Others lost their possessions as they fended off the flames and assisted in evacuating the town. The individual cheques may not go far in compensating for all that was lost. But they are intended as a show of support from the forestry and wildfire community the WFCA represents and recognition of the bravery and resolve of the workers. And thanks, of course, to all our donors.

Atmospheric Rivers Wash Away Many Resource Roads Creating Challenges Next Spring

MFLNRORD engineers have been busy with the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure assessing and restoring highways and public access in those regions and travel corridors affected by November’s flooding and landslides. As they now turn their attention to resource roads it appears both the Chilliwack and Cascade Resource Districts have been very hard hit. Entire drainages are no longer accessible by road.  Dozens of bridges and culverts have been washed out and, in many cases, entire sections of the road are gone. Groundcrews are working to mitigate damage where they can, but in many cases, all that can be done is to block roads until proper assessments are completed. Winter is likely to delay that process in many places. This means forestry crews, especially tree planters, who often are the first to travel these roads in the spring, will have more than the usual hazards to contend with. MFLNRORD is advising project managers to check with local resource district engineering staff on the status of mainlines and secondary roads before heading out.

WFCA Annual 2022 Virtual Conference Program Near Completion

As Shakespeare is said to have said by someone, “The play is complete. I have only but to write it.” All procrastinating aside, that too can be said of next year’s WFCA Annual 2022 Conference. We will soon roll out the complete program with its estimated 20 fascinating topics and almost that many scintillating presenters. Meanwhile, here is the outline of daily topics for now as we work on finalizing all the details by early January. Remember the dates 9—11 February 2022.

Topics for Wednesday 9 February 2022 Workplace Safety

  • COVID-19: vaccines, HR matters, protocols and Omicron
  • First Aid and new requirements
  • Harassment and Violence
  • Smoke and heat tolerance
  • Wildfire risk mitigation and duties
  • Emergency response planning with TEAAM update
  • Wildlife and dangerous tree hazards
  • Mental Health
  • Film Festival (evening event)

Topics for Thursday 10 February 2022 Forest Policy and Business Practice

  • Panel Presentation and Forum: What have we learned from recent natural disasters and what effects might they have on forest management policies and practices?
  • Extreme weather events: 2021 in review and what to look forward to
  • Succession Strategies for businesses
  • Labour Market Information and HR Strategy For Forestry Sector
  • Standards for assessing supervisors
  • Drone planting
  • Supervisor Social (evening session)

Topics for Friday 11 February 2022 Strategic and Operational Forecasts

  • Federal and Provincial Chief Foresters report on 2-billion tree program
  • Update on latest planting forecasts
  • BCWS Wildfire Contract Advisory Committee Report
  • Access and transportation
  • AGM
  • Adjourn

And now this year’s 2021 annual favourite crop circle contest winner:

We were worried they might have made a coronavirus molecule. Note the internal textured pattern of woven wheat stems. Who does make these things? Roundway Hill Wiltschire UK August 15, 2021. We will send a donation to https://temporarytemples.co.uk/crop-circles/2021-crop-circles

Thanks again to all our patient readers and contest entrants. If you have read this far you are one of them.