Please click here for the drafted Covid-19 Pandemic Guidelines for Motels and Remote Accommodations

This best practices document is a general synopsis of information and recommendations developed by Dr. Jordan Tesluk our BC SAFE Forestry Program’s Forestry Safety Advocate. This, of course, is in response to the unfolding pandemic and our government’s work to contain the virus. It should be instructive in assisting employers and managers in developing individual strategies to keep their operations active and safe as this crisis plays out.

We know many owners, especially those who are already in the field with crews, are practicing hygiene, social distancing, and crew isolation measures that evolve daily. In the face of making things practical in the actual world they are learning and innovating ongoing. So far these crews appear to be safe and infection free. This is partly due to our sector’s rich ability to solve problems and adapt. We will be updating this document regularly as contractors share their ideas and practices.

Meanwhile we are working daily with health officials, our Ministry of Forests, and our clients to make sure our operations conform to the requirements being imposed on our society as a whole. Expect to hear from the WFCA again as we make sense of ongoing developments. We realize the uncertainty is extremely hard to deal with as owners. As we get answers we will provide them.

John Betts
Executive Director