Conference – 2023

Thank you to everyone who supported our 2023 conference
to make it a huge success!

To see some of the conference highlights, click here.

We will be adding slides from many of our presenters to this page as the slides become available so check back often!

Worker Services: Caring for Bodies, Minds, and Souls – Presented by Mike McAlonan (Total Physio) and Kerri Dunsmore (Athletic Therapist)

The Future of Drone Planting – John Innes

BC Professional Governance Act Update – Casey Macaulay, ABCFP Registrar and Director of Act Compliance

Forest Practices Board Update – Rick Monchak

Latest Forecasts for Seeding Demand Released by MoF – Neil Hughes

Federal Perspective on Forestry & Climate Change – Canadian Forest Service Director, Anne-Hélène Mathey

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Stay tuned for 2024 conference details coming soon!

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