January 20, 2017
Volume 17, Issue 2

Warning: Many of the facts contained in this publication may be promotional in nature.

Winter; and what a relief to be able to look forward to the WSCA 2017 Conference 1 – 3 February 2017 Victoria BC

Getting warmed up for 2017. (Note the proper posture and form using ergonomic elastic snow.)

For the latest conference program updates and information on registration and exhibiting go to www.wfca.ca Meanwhile here are a couple recent developments…


BC Forest Safety Ombudsman to Release Emergency Response Report at WSCA Conference

Roger Harris will release his report on emergency response involving forestry workers injured on remote worksites at the WSCA 2017 Annual Conference in Victoria at the beginning of next month. For a prelude to his report read Ian MacNeill’s article in the winter edition of Truck LoggerBC here. Harris will speak on Wednesday 1 February at 1:00 pm.


Premier Promises Loggers Contractor Sustainability Review and Tax Breaks for Training

Premier Clark at the TLA Convention promising loggers she has their backs.

Speaking at this week’s Truck Loggers’ Association annual convention in Vancouver BC Premier Christie Clark promised loggers a review to address contractor concerns around the viability and long term sustainability of their businesses. The proposed contractor sustainability review flows out of growing worries among logging contractors that industry profits have come at contractors’ expense. Disadvantaged by rising costs and the consolidation of the lumber production sector they claim their low rates and return on investments are unsustainable. Following on the announcement, Forest Minister Steve Thomson promised a phased approach including business and market analyses, and audits, including an independently facilitated process among stakeholders to propose remedies. He indicated the process would be fully underway by spring. In the same speech the Premier told contractors that she has instructed her Minister of Education Shirley Bond to work with the TLA to develop tax rebates against the costs of logging contractor worker training. The rebates are intended to assist employers in addressing the growing shortfall of skilled workers needed to keep the forest industry operating.


Leader of the Loyal Opposition to Talk About Forestry and the Election at the WSCA Conference

NDP Leader John Horgan has confirmed he will speak at the WSCA conference on the morning of day three Friday 3 February at 9:00 am. With our provincial election in May the Leader of the Loyal Opposition is framing the platforms he hopes will gain his party a majority in the Legislature this spring. He has spent a lot of time this past year touring the province and listening to people he says. So we can expect his talk at the conference to go both ways; likely with Mr. Horgan looking for constructive suggestions from the audience on how we can improve forestry in the province and ensure an optimistic outlook for our sector.