Recently released timber supply figures by the provincial government have left the silviculture industry wondering where the strategies and programs are that will sustain our forests in the future.

Reacting to the figures, John Betts, executive director of the Western Silvicultural Contractors’ Association (WSCA) noted: “This is a distressing report and is actually worse than anything we had anticipated.” He added, however, that “the government should be given credit for providing a province-wide perspective on the infestation.”

While Betts applauded the province’s commitment to silviculture, he wondered if there existed any clear, strategic focus to address the very challenges the government identified in its report. “I also didn’t see a sense of urgency in this report.”

Betts called for comprehensive action plans to tackle such issues as the wild fire threat, fuel management and eco-system restoration. “It isn’t just an issue of planting more trees,” said Betts. “If we do not act decisively to restore health to our forests, future generations are deprived of what we have enjoyed from the forests during our tenure.”

Still, Betts and the WSCA membership are confident the province will move on the issue given its commitment to forestry and action on climate change outlined in this year’s Throne Speech.

“As a forest industry sector,” said Betts, “we are ready to move on short notice to do our part to restore the health of our forests. We have the capacity, the skills, the foresters and the silviculture crews to effectively contribute to the solutions.”

The WSCA represents 60 B.C. member companies and has been promoting policies and initiatives aimed at maintaining healthy forests, a clean environment and responsible practices for 26 years.

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