Key workforce reports characterize silviculture workforce, outline employer concerns and frame future challenges including retention, recruitment and shrinking demand for planting.

The BC Workforce Initiative labour market information reports for 2013 and 2014 provide the most recent detailed summaries of worker survey exit polls the WSCA has organized for the past four years. The principal findings show a wide difference among workers for piece work earnings, employer concerns over their ability to recruit and retain competent supervisors and a pending contraction of demand as the B.C. harvest declines towards the end of the decade. Some particular findings of note show women participating at an increasing rate in the sector, problems with harassment and worker exhaustion in the workplace and a high rate of social media use among millennial workers shaping a new communications ecology connecting the workforce.

2015 Human Resourse Strategy report (PDF)
2014 Worker Survey report (PDF)
2013 Worker Survey report (PDF)