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The foundation for excellence

standards and guidelines are pivotal for ensuring the highest levels of professionalism, safety, and sustainability in the forestry industry. These documents meticulously outline best practices, safety protocols, and environmental stewardship principles that guide our members’ operations. Through rigorous adherence to these standards, we uphold our commitment to excellence while continuously adapting to industry advancements and evolving needs.

Code of Conduct & Principles of Respectful Conduct in Forestry

The WFCA strives to be at the forefront of responsible business practices, advocating for integrity, transparency, respect, and accountability. Our members, representing diverse industries and regions, and are united by a common belief in the importance of ethical conduct as the cornerstone of a responsible business sector. The WFCA Code of Conduct and Principles of Respectful Conduct in Forestry are designed to fulfill two essential purposes: Guidance for Members: They outline the standards...

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WFCA – Unwrapped Tree Cost Estimate Tool

Dear Contractors, As requested, please find attached an unwrapped tree cost estimate tool for your use and/ or adaptation. It was put together in collaboration by a small working group of staff from several contractors to assist in thinking about the impact on operations of managing loose trees in boxes as opposed to the traditional ‘wrapped’ bundles. We are told many contracts in 2024, particularly BCTS or government-funded, will have at least some unwrapped bundles. It is not clear yet how...

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WFCA Rumour Mill RoundUpDate Volume 25 Issue 8

Western Forestry Contractors’ Association Rumour Mill RoundUpDate 25 September 2023 Volume 23 Issue 8 Warning: Some facts in this publication may contain articulate matter. In memoriam: As we were writing this week’s RoundUpDate news broke of the deaths of four contract wildfire fighters early Tuesday morning in a head-on collision west of Kamloops. It is hard to imagine words that might console the families and friends of these men at this time. We send our sympathy to their fellow workers,...

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WFCA – Annual Business Market Summit – Agenda is Out!

The Agenda is Out! Click here to download the agenda While we've agreed there's no strict agenda to follow, we'd like to share a rough outline of how the day is expected to unfold. This year, we're embracing a new approach, steering away from recordings and consecutive presentations. Instead, we're focusing on candid feedback and open discussions—putting the spotlight on all of you. Our upcoming Summit is designed to foster a collective exchange of ideas, marking a departure from the norm. Be...

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EARLY BIRD EXTENDED – Annual Business Market Summit – Thursday, September 14, 2023 (Kamloops, BC)

Annual Business Market Summit Thursday, September 14, 2023 at 1:00 to 5:00 pm (PST) at Coast Kamloops Hotel & Conference Centre 1250 Rogers Way, Kamloops, BC V1S 1N5 Grab the Worm: Early Bird Deadline Extended! Our exclusive Early Bird offer has been extended to: August 25, 2023! _______________ What's on the Agenda for This Year? This year's agenda is no agenda. We are doing it differently this year. No fixed schedule, no recordings – just candid feedback and open discussions, as we open the...

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WFCA Rumour Mill RoundUpDate Volume 23 Issue 7

Western Forestry Contractors’ Association Rumour Mill RoundUpDate 14 July 2023 Volume 23 Issue 7 Warning: Due to the changeability of facts on the ground during this changeable field season some facts in this publication may not be fully representative of the all the facts of the matters presented. Tree Planting 2023: A Continuing Season of Upsets A tree planter working above New Denver in the West Kootenay earlier this June in one of the quieter sectors of the British Columbia-Alberta...

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Zanzibar Air Quality SOP – UPDATE 2023

With the current air quality ratings across the province, we have reviewed our Zanzibar Air Quality procedures which were following the provincial guidelines. We have reviewed our SOP and have added more definitions as to threshold levels and safe work procedures and controls when dealing with Air Quality. These procedures, controls, and air quality threshold levels are outlined below to assist project leads in managing operations in these smoky conditions. Currently, there are no...

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WFCA Rumour Mill RoundUpDate Volume 23 Issue 6

Western Forestry Contractors’ Association Rumour Mill RoundUpDate 2 June 2023 Volume 23 Issue 6 Warning: None of the facts in this publication will be modified by the adjective “unprecedented” owing to its over-use in describing recent weather, climate, disaster, and related topics often covered by our reporting. WFCA Asks For Spring Planting Extension Due To Weather Delays Last month’s early heat dome with its inflamed isobars on this North America weather map of temperature anomalies—just...

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