This information is provided as a guide to the Employment Standards Act (the “Act”) and the Employment Standards Regulations as they apply to the silviculture industry.

ESB Silviculture Guidelines.doc

Section 28 of the Act requires employers to keep daily records. These records must be kept for each employee, and must include the number of trees planted, hectares spaced, weeded or brushed, the unit price per tree or hectare, the total hours worked, and the daily camp costs.

In order to preclude disputes arising at a later date, both employees and employers should sign off the records confirming this information on a per pay period basis. The guidelines acknowledge that the standard of compensation in the silviculture industry is a piece rate structure and that there are external factors that impact when and how work must be undertaken.

(Above please note a Word document abstracted from the Employment Standards Branch website that explains the Guidelines and below please note a link to the Employment Standards Branch website from which the document has been copied.)

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