Advancing a safer and healthier workplace environment for all involved

Dedicated to promoting health, safety, and culture within BC’s Silviculture contracting sector, the BC SAFE Forestry Program, managed by the WFCA and supported by the BC Forest Safety Council, collaborates with industry stakeholders to address emerging health and safety issues, develop best practices, and advocate for industry-wide improvements. Through regular meetings, annual work plans, and educational initiatives led by the Forest Safety Advocate and its Strategic Advisory Committee, the program remains committed to continuous improvement and fostering a safer and healthier workplace environment for all involved in the sector.

Zanzibar Air Quality SOP – UPDATE 2023

With the current air quality ratings across the province, we have reviewed our Zanzibar Air Quality procedures which were following the provincial guidelines. We have reviewed our SOP and have added more definitions as to threshold levels and safe work procedures and controls when dealing with Air Quality. These procedures, controls, and air quality threshold levels are outlined below to assist project leads in managing operations in these smoky conditions. Currently, there are no...

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Hazard Alert – Finding Safe Routes to and from Camp

Hazard Alert – Finding Safe Routes to and from Camp Jordan Tesluk, Forestry Safety Advocate High temperatures have caused flooding, landslides, and avalanches in various parts of British Columbia this spring. These events occur more frequently with extreme weather and can pose significant risks to workers finding their way to bush camps. The recent highway closures in Cache Creek resulted in multiple groups of workers attempting to follow overland routes identified in Google Maps and several...

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COVID Still With Us Warns Safety Advocate

Greetings Colleagues, Throughout the 2023 planting season, we have had isolated reports of COVID-19 (and other illnesses) in planting crews that were mostly limited to individual reports. However, upon start-up in the interior, a few companies have reported more significant outbreaks affecting multiple people in the camp or crew. No workers seem to have been seriously impacted as to be expected by the milder variants currently in circulation. However, there have been some significant...

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BC SAFE Forestry Advocate Weather Alert for June 24, 2022

After one of the coldest and wettest spring seasons in history, the BC planting season is facing an abrupt and drastic shift back toward hot dry weather, and a return to the various health and safety challenges that come with it. Environment Canada has issued nearly province-wide special weather statements warning of hot and stormy conditions in the coming weeks, including temperature spiking into the mid-30s in southern and interior regions. Even with the past month of rain and snow, the...

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Hazards of Heating Tents

Dear Colleagues: This incident was reported by WorkSafeBC here. Injury: Suspected carbon monoxide poisoning (1 worker) Industry: Forestry Core Activity: Tree planting or cone picking Location: Northern B.C. Date of Incident: 2022-May A worker was found unresponsive in their tent after using a wood-burning stove as a heating source inside the tent. The worker was treated for suspected carbon monoxide poisoning by the on-site first aid attendant, then transported to hospital by company emergency...

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BC SAFE Forestry Advocate Field Observations re: COVID and Planting Crews This Spring

The tree planting sector was highly successful in minimizing COVID cases through 2020 and 2021. However, in early 2022, the highly infectious (but fortunately milder) Omicron variants are making their way into camps and crews, showing that there are limits to even the best preventive systems. Multiple companies have reported COVID cases, ranging from isolated cases to a few larger clusters. Infections have appeared in camps that have been COVID-free for several weeks, indicating that...

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FREE Mobile Quick Add App Training and Info Sessions

The FREE Mobile Quick Add App and Supervisor Queue is now live and available to BCFSC and WFCA members. This new system allows workers to efficiently and effectively record incidents while they are in the field and report them to a supervisor or safety professional. If you plan to use the system this year, please register a company representative (or representatives) for one of the following six training and information sessions. Session participants should be the person or persons responsible...

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