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Policy & Practice

WFCA – Unwrapped Tree Cost Estimate Tool

Dear Contractors, As requested, please find attached an unwrapped tree cost estimate tool for your use and/ or adaptation. It was put together in collaboration by a small working group of staff from several contractors to assist in thinking about the impact on operations of managing loose trees in boxes as opposed to the traditional ‘wrapped’ bundles. We are told many contracts in 2024, particularly BCTS or government-funded, will have at least some unwrapped bundles. It is not clear yet how...

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Access Management Survey for Silviculture Crews – Results

On March 11, 2023, the BC SAFE Forestry Program conducted a survey to assess the frequency and extent of access hazards that silviculture contractors face in their worksites due to road deactivation, rehabilitation, or closure after harvesting. The survey aimed to make recommendations to reduce these hazards, improve safety and productivity for silviculture crews, and cover access conditions over the last five years. The survey's scope covered all access conditions, except for helicopter...

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MEMO – Guidance On Cornstarch-Based Flagging

Dear Contractors, The Ministry of Forests Plastics Working Group is recommending planting contractors hold back from any major purchases of cornstarch flagging dropped to mark seedlings until further research of the product is completed. Preliminary testing, so far, indicates the bioplastic fabric does not break down readily when exposed to ambient temperatures and sunlight or when soaked in water or mild acids. In addition, research needs to be completed to assess if cows can digest the...

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Access Management Survey for Silviculture Crews

For decades, silviculture contractors have found that road access to their worksites has often been deactivated, rehabilitated, or closed after harvesting. This has prevented safe and ready access to worksites for crew, materials, and emergency vehicles. Because of safety concerns about this practice the BC SAFE Forestry Program is surveying the extent, frequency, and types of access hazards operators are encountering in the field. The purpose for this assessment is to make recommendations to...

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WFCA Submission to FRPA Review (08/16/2019)

Dear Minister Donaldson: The WFCA represents the seedling nursery, silviculture contracting and forestry consulting firms that make up the reforestation service sector of British Columbia. As an organization we have a keen interest in the Forest and Range Practices Act and the proposed Amendment Act, 2019 – Bill 21. The WFCA welcomes the opportunity to comment and provide input to this important process. The WFCA is supportive of the proposed changes to FRPA including; • more frequent and...

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