Mike de Jong has received a rough cut set of instructions from the Premier under the Liberals New Era Agenda

New Minister Gets Marching Orders Ffrom Premier

Here’s Gordon Campbell’s instructions to Forest Minister Mike de Jong filed under the New Era Agenda:

-streamline the Forest Practices Code to establish a workable, results-based Code with tough penalties for non-compliance

-Create a market-based stumpage system that reflects global market realities and local harvesting costs

-either fix or scrap Forest Renewal BC, starting by working with the Agency, Boards and Commissions review to remove political appointees to the Board

-Increase Allowable Annual Cut over time through scientific forest management, proper planning, and incentives to promote enhanced silviculture

-invest in research to promote forest stewardship

-eliminate waterbedding

-work to develop an internationally acceptable standard for “eco-labeling” of forest products

-With the Competition, Science and Enterprise Ministry, cut forestry regulatory burden by one third within three years without compromising environmental standards.