The annual Conference of the National Wildfire Suppression Association will be held at the Silver Legacy Resort in Reno, NV. from Mar 1 – 4, 2005.

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Purpose and Scope of the NWSA

NWSA was formed in 1990 and registered in the State of Nevada as a not-for-profit corporation.

NWSA is managed by a member elected Board of Directors who are supported by staff specialists in a variety of fields.

NWSA is a voluntary national association consisting of independent contractors who provide a variety of resources, (engines, crews, dozers, tenders, food services, and other specialized equipment) for all types of emergency or pre-emergency incident needs.

NWSA is deeply concerned about the preservation, conservation and development of our natural resources.

NWSA provides the private contractor a forum for the exchange of information and knowledge about a variety of items.

NWSA members have a long history of being a vital part of the national efforts to deal with major incidents.

NWSA is very concerned about the safety of personnel on incidents and we have an outstanding safety record on incidents.

Goals of the NWSA

The primary goal is to support and assist its members so they can be successful in their areas of contracting expertise. Another goal is to achieve national recognition as a professional organization, or cooperator, whose membership provides personnel and equipment that meets or exceeds national standard.

Guideline Principles

NWSA has established the following, a six point program for its guiding principles:

1. Create public awareness of pre-suppression and suppression contractors and their vital link to governmental agencies.

2. Work toward a solution to solve common problems within the industry. Share technology.

3. Raise the standards and practices of our industry by requiring that our members comply with Government standards.

4. Generate more business opportunities.

5. Honor both Federal and State procurement.

6. Honor both Federal and State dispatch procedures.

NWSA Standards

NWSA has a training program that meets or exceeds NWCG’s 310-1 standards. Each individual provided by a member must be fully trained, have passed a physical fitness test, and will have a photo identification card that shows what positions they are qualified for and their physical fitness score. All NWSA approved instructors must meet or exceed NWCG requirements.

NWSA monitors training and certification to ensure compliance.

NWSA has, from the beginning, recognized that quality is vital to success. To achieve this objective and continue it, high level standards were established early on and have been improved on over the years. Compliance by members is monitored. We have an excellent record of providing high quality personnel and equipment for incident needs. We plan to continue that record!