Nicole Hoar was last seen heading west from Prince George hitchhiking to Smithers on June 21, 2002. Please read on for more information to help find Nicole.

Age 25, 5’ 9’’. Dark Hair in a pony tail, blue eyes and glasses. Last seen heading west from Prince George hitchhiking to Smithers on June 21, 2002. Was carrying a large purple and black backpack. Was wearing beige capri pants and a long sleeve red sports shirt with the name Ravens on. It had a white and yellow collar. She was carrying an olive green shoulder bag with an orange appliqued Dragon on it.

Anyone seeing Nicole or having any information as to her possible whereabouts please call RCMP in Prince George.
(250) 561-3300

Contents of Nicole’s Bag

  • Eureka tent Hobbit style green or blue
  • Purple mummy bag
  • Full length deluxe thermarest brown
  • Teva sandals Velcro straps mostly black with muted blue green and white swirls flat soles.
  • Zamberland leather hiking boots. Vibram sole. Red rubber wedge in heel.
  • Blue hooded sweatshirt with pocket across stomach. Both cuffs ripped off. Square patch on bock in yellow paint of a stylized ‘J”
  • Fade blue ‘carpenter’ style jeans
  • Long sleeved plaid button down shirt with colours in faded blues, greens, browns and beige.
  • Army green wool sweater with both elbows ripped.
  • Black swim suit.
  • Cinnamon flavoured “tom’s of main” toothpaste.
  • Body lotion from The Body Shop – Coca butter flavoured.
  • Novel she was reading –“Germinal” by Zola Hand made scrabble board, red vinal marking made with clay buttons.
  • Headlamp
  • Timex watch with Velcro wrist band
  • Watercolours and watercolour paper
  • Water bottle
  • Knitting socks. One sock was done in gree, blue and brown. Wallet: olive green vinyl rectangle shape with zipper across top. Had a dog’s face appliquéd on front in beige vinyl.

She was wearing her Tevas, green/beige Capri pants, a tank top and a cherry red long sleeves sports shirt with a single digit number on it and the name ‘Ravens’. She was wearing her glasses but may have had her contacts. She had four small silver hoops in her left ear and a hemp necklace with beads woven into it. She wore a ladies size.