Like the successful 2008 six billionth tree celebration the WSCA intends to make celebrating silviculture work an annual event to raise public awareness.

Similar to the silviculture industry’s successful province-wide B.C. six billionth tree celebration two years ago the WSCA is declaring June 5 as Planter’s Day across Canada. The day is intended to recognize silviculture workers, the work being done and the work needing to done to restore forests across the country. Media field tours, press releases and festivities of varying description are being organized in towns across provinces. The celebration of Canadian silviculture workers and their work is part of broader public awareness campaign soon to be announced by the Forestfacts: Plant More Trees movement. The WSCA is encouraging employers and employees take the initiative, by setting up local tours and media interviews, to make sure communities get involved. The Planters’ Day celebration is part of a broad education and social networking effort aimed at creating a groundswell of public support for increasing silviculture activities nationwide.