RoadTuesday, February 3, 2015
Inn at Laruel Park, Victoria, BC
(Prior to the WSCA 2015 Annual Conference & Trade Show in Victoria, BC)

This interactive workshop is designed to provide a one-day orientation to the Participatory Action Research (PAR) method of collaborative problem-solving.  Drawing on emerging practices from improvement science and large-system change, we will use the current PAR work-in-progress from the BC silviculture workplace as a case study. Participants will be exposed to the logic of the approach, get a chance to practice leading collaborative problem-solving approaches, and form an action plan to bring the learning back to their own operations and apply it quickly and consistently. The target audience for this session includes safety, quality, and line managers interested in collaborative and innovative approaches to improving results in their organizations, including forestry, healthcare, government, construction, and oil and gas.

Outline of the Day

Led by Tom Bigda-Peyton, Second Curve Systems. Tom is an internationally recognized expert, consultant and coach in collaborative leadership, adaptive teams, and resilient organizations.

1. Theory / Overview – Setting the Stage

The PAR methodology brings together tools for understanding the ‘hidden’ dimensions of modern organizations.

2. Practice / Experience

Drawing on participants’ experience as “live cases,” we will practice the PAR methods. In small groups and plenary, participants will have the opportunity to practice, observe, give and receive feedback. We will focus on problem-solving and developing collaborative leadership skills.

3. The BC Silviculture Workplace Safety PAR Project

Using this project as a case study – where the process is at now, what we’ve learned, where we go from here. Sharing the story: objectives, experiments, pitfalls, lessons learned: Using the principle of self-organization: generating workplace improvement teams and sustaining the model.

3. Action Planning and Next Steps

Commitment to follow-up and virtual action learning. Using learnings from the day, participants will identify potential “early wins,”, mid-range issues, and complex challenges they plan to undertake when they return to work.

We will also consider the possibility of forming a community of practice to continue building PAR skills while working together to address complex challenges.

Learn the skills needed to Identify challenges and create change within your company or organization.

Join us February 3 in Victoria, BC at the Laurel Point Inn.

To register, please contact the WSCA at or phone 604-736-8660.

Registration Cost: Forestry Sector Participant – $25 Non-Forestry – $175 WSCA Conference Particpant – FREE

Please book promptly as registration will be limited.