Twisting RubberIs it really too late to get ready? Fortunately, sports science can still save your butt. With a bit of effort you can kick start your season— here is what to do….

Get healthy. So you have been studying for exams, travelling in a 3rd world country, partying your brains out. Now is the time to make sure that you come into plant-ing camp well rested and nutritionally sound. That means 8 hours of sleep nightly and start thinking about power eating. At least eight to ten servings of a wide variety of fruits and vegetables per day. Lots of lean protein like chicken breasts, egg whites, cottage cheese, and ultra lean beef and pork. And don’t miss out on those inflammation fighting omega-3 fatty acids with at least two servings of cold water fish per week or fresh ground flax seed sprinkled on everything. Drink plenty of water or herbal teas and cut down on smoking, alcohol and other recreational drug use.

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Planter Fitness Cheat Sheet.pdf