In our 10 February 2009 report on the WSCA Conference headlined WSCA Conference Round Up – BC Liberals and NDP Promise More Forestry we misquoted NDP Forest Critic Bob Simpson stating he would not offer compensation to companies where quota was clawed back. That quote is incorrect.

Mr. Simpson stated that he would try to avoid compensation believing that the Liberals have established an awful precedent on this issue. He remarked that he had asked the Auditor General to investigate these compensation practices.

He added that in his view “we have to be creative in avoiding compensation when we reform the tenure system.” He cited not renewing NRFLs and other short term licenses as an immediate step that would not involve compensation. He also said that an NDP government would need to find ways to offer non-cash compensation, like taking over any contingent liabilities, especially the accruing silviculture liabilities.