This meeting will provide information on how commercial timber fallers can seek fireline employment during the upcoming wildland firefighting season.

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Discussion will include specification requirements for falling and wildland fire experience, equipment and training under the Pacific Northwest Corporate Commercial Timber Faller Procurement Program. Background verification processes and the NWSA qualification carding system will also be discussed.

This Meeting is open to all commercial timber fallers and faller contractors.

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You can register for the upcoming “Wildland Fire Safety Summit – Human Factors Ten Years Later” to be held in Missoula, Montana USA April 26-28, 2005 from our website . That site will also provide detailed information on the program, location, lodging, etc.

Please join us for a one of a kind conference that will focus on the role of “Human Factors” in wildland firefighter safety. The Summit will provide attendees with the opportunity to review the impacts of the 1994 Human Factors Workshop and to develop recommendations for the future.

Presentations will cover topics such as the culture of wildland firefighting, the role of leadership in wildland firefighting, the physiological and sociological aspects of wildland firefighting, and new tools and technology for wildland firefighting.

This years annual Safety Summit is a continuation of IAWF’s efforts in aiding communication concerning wildland fire safety issues since the first summit was held in Rossland, BC, Canada in 1997.