Planters are reporting that compression sleeves and socks help in reducing worker wear and tear.

It may be some time yet before we get work gear woven from spider silk with its remarkable tensile strength and flexibility. (They are working on it) In the meantime high performance athletic fabric is showing some promise in reducing fatigue and strains typical of forestry work according to reports from the field. Manufacturers of compression garments designed for the torso and other moving parts claim they reduce muscle fatigue and swelling, while increasing oxygenation and blood flow. With positive endorsements from planters from previous trials, TimberWest is now taking the lead by offering compression sleeves to silviculture crews on some of its projects this spring. The gear’s not cheap at about $50 for a couple of sleeves, or about the same for two pairs of socks. But if it can reduce injuries it may be worth it.

We would like to thank Frontrunners Footwear in Victoria, B.C. for supplying us with garment samples for the WSCA 2017 Conference.

Here are some brands recommended to us.



Endura Sport