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This draft three-year Work Plan is a planning tool intended to guide the Western Silviculture Contractors’ Association (WSCA) Board of Directors in meeting the broad objectives of the BC Safe Silviculture Project.

The Project is intended to reduce silviculture workplace accidents and injuries and increase the level of compliance and competency around wellness, health and safety and related workplace practices across the sector.

Draft Work Plan.doc

Milestones 2005.doc

A general description of the specific goals of the Project are laid out in the 4 January 2005 BC Safe Silviculture Agreement between the WSCA and BC Forest Safety Council. The Work Plan is a requirement of that agreement.

The Work Plan is a work in progress enabling the WSCA to focus the Project’s activities and manage its resources by accomplishing the following:

• Creating and managing the Project with an agreed budget;

• Establishing the terms of reference of the BC Safe Silviculture Strategic Advisory Committee (SAC) which is the prime architect of the Work Plan and Project;

• Identifying priorities between and within the various areas of focus for the Project;

• Ensuring coordination with the goals and activities of the BC Forest Safety Council;

• Facilitating consultation on the Project’s Work Plan within the silviculture sector and other stakeholders;

• Ensuring the on-going review, correction and evaluation of the Work Plan by the WSCA Board of Directors; • Ensuring the on-going timeliness and evolution of the Work Plan.

Core Assumptions

The Safe Silviculture Project is subject to the core assumptions that form the foundation of the BC Forest Safety Council as laid out in its Draft Work Plan. The BC Safe Silviculture Work Plan is an expression of that commitment and as a result:

• All the Work Plan’s products will be measurable against the objectives of the Council;

• The Work Plan recognizes that the silviculture industry is distinct within the forest sector and because of this has some unique aspects which will be dealt with in concert with the ongoing work of the Council;

• The Work Plan acknowledges that a silviculture occupational health and safety program had begun with the now defunct Forest Industry Safety Association and, where appropriate, elements of those efforts will continue under the Project;

• It is probable that the Work Plan will vary and change as it adapts to emerging circumstances and the Project’s evolution.

To view the full ‘Draft Work Plan’ document as well as the ‘2005 Draft Milestones and Deliverables’ document in PDF form please visit the Safe Silviculture Project page at the BC Forest Safety Council website indicated below.