Ken Drushka well known B.C. forestry author, columnist and critic died at his home in Vancouver Thursday 6 May. Ken died after a two year fight with cancer. He was in his fifties.

Ken Drushka well known B.C. forest writer died Thursday 6 May at his home in Vancouver. He died of cancer. Ken retired from writing early last year because of his illness. He had been a columnist at the time for Business in Vancouver writing on forestry issues; something he had carried on with for most of his journalist career. He was an enthusiastic supporter of the treeplanting and silvicultural industry in British Columbia which was only part of his encyclopaedic understanding of the province’s forest industry. He authored numerous books, mostly on logging in B.C. His last title was written for the Forest History Society entitled Canada’s Forest A History. Prior to his illness Ken had worked with the WSCA on a number of policy positions and was particularly interested in the wildfire issue. Ken was always a provocative and well informed commentator on forest practice in policy in British Columbia. It is unlikely another writer who is both passionate and well informed on forestry will come along soon to fill his place.