WSCA is working on several areas of training for the industry. The first course is now ready to deliver to our membership and others who may be interested.

ATV courses have been varied with no formally recognized course designed for the Silviculture Industry, an industry which uses Quads to the ultimate of their capacity in a workplace setting.

This course has been developed specifically for the silviculture sector. A pilot course was delivered in 2006 and we are ready to roll it out as the first course which will see certified ATV operators.

In order to accommodate the annual need to train new workers during a very short period prior to field work, we have developed a system of training in-house staff to provide face to face training followed by a field training component, and initial assessment of competency to operate an ATV for an experiential training period with a final assessment of competency within 2 weeks of the initial training.

A Certificate of Completion will be issued upon successful completion of the initial training.

A Certificate of Qualification will be issued after completion of the experiential training period and successful field competency evaluation.

Companies will have two options to get certified training for the ATV operators on their crews.

(1) Train in-house trainers who will then be certified to train as many within their companies who will require the training. The training for these experienced supervisors will be two days so that they can learn the scripted content of the course, assure the lead trainer that they can safely operate an ATV to the standard set by the course material, and that they can train others and evaluate them for ATV riding skills and knowledge competency.

(2) Receive one day training directly for those who will be operating quads through a qualified outside trainer using the WSCA developed material.

Instructors are being assembled for course offerings during the latter part of March and beginning of April, 2007. Course dates and locations will be announced on this site as they become available.

It is expected that we will operate with key hubs in Nanaimo, Prince George, Kamloops, and Nelson. Courses will have from 6 to 8 students. Students are expected to provide their own quads. Should that not be possible, quads can generally be rented at an extra cost to the course. It is preferred that the student take care of this directly.

Two courses have been designed to create the capacity to train ATV operators in-house. They will be offered commencing March 23, 2007.

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