Yes, the camp is on fire: just another one of the hazards of forestry work.

Planting trees does often require remaining resolute in the face of adversity. Not everyone comes with that resolve; so much so, that a 2015 labour market report on forestry work recommended the industry do a better job of portraying more clearly what the job and conditions involve in order to better attract and retain new workers more likely to succeed.’s blogger-in-chief Jonathan (Scooter) Clark has put together a series of educational videos designed in part to give prospective applicants an idea of just what they might be getting into when thinking of finding work in reforestation. These lectures, which are unsparing in their approach to detail on various topics, ranging from camp life to workplace safety, may not be best-paced for a generation raised on MTV. But they do authentically cover the ground in a way that any applicant, or current young worker might appreciate and benefit from. To view the series, please click the following links:

Tree Planter Pre-Season

Learning How to Plant