For decades, silviculture contractors have found that road access to their worksites has often been deactivated, rehabilitated, or closed after harvesting. This has prevented safe and ready access to worksites for crew, materials, and emergency vehicles. Because of safety concerns about this practice the BC SAFE Forestry Program is surveying the extent, frequency, and types of access hazards operators are encountering in the field. The purpose for this assessment is to make recommendations to reduce the occurrence of these conditions where it is practical and improve safety and productivity for all silviculture crews including tree planting, stand tending, and related survey work. All access conditions except for situations where helicopter access is tendered and specified as part of the work agreement fall under the scope of this survey. The term this survey covers is up to the last five years. Please reply to this survey even if you have never encountered these kinds of access problems to help us better understand their frequency and extent.

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