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Executive Board PUBLIC List 2017-18

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Above is a PDF file containing the 2017-18 WFCA Board of Directors list. Please direct general questions regarding our organization through our administration office or our executive director.

Mission Statement

The purpose of the Western Silvicultural Contractors’ Association is to increase the public good and benefit its members by advocating for appropriate forest management policies and practices in Western Canada implemented by a safe and professional entrepreneurial community.

Besides being an annual summary of activities, a reference source, a strategic planning tool and a benchmark to measure accomplishments and value for WSCA members, this report is a living document. That means it will alter over time. As our strategies evolve and the forest, as well as the policy, landscape changes so will this document. So we changed the format of the report again – not because the snow took out John’s electrical poles!

Notwithstanding some omissions, we hope this document will pull into focus other accomplishments that typically resist measurement and will never appear in a table or simple summary. Presence, networking, credibility and integrity, to name a few traits associations are built on, are part of the currency of public affairs and government relations. They are also, in many respects, the main activities, if not the main value, of an industry association such as the WSCA. Because they are implicit and thread themselves throughout everything an organization like ours does they aren’t easily illustrated in a bar graph or outcome summary. Nevertheless, we hope they can be found between the lines of this report and valued accordingly.

Given the financial environment that we are operating our business in it is vital to have current information on the forestry sector and an understanding of the trends. This is the backdrop against which we operate and plan.

In the absence of a current State of the Forest Report or an Annual Service Plan Report of the Ministry of Forests, this year’s report has been significantly expanded to include inter-annual trends in many silviculture and forest funding statistics. At the 11th-hour this report managed to incorporate two very significant statistics to WSCA members: January 2009 harvest levels and extraordinary revisions to the Silviculture Appraisal System.

This is now the third year of this format of the Annual Report and we would like to encourage any comments or suggestions for next year’s report.

To view the full 63-page Annual Report please click on the green PDF link at the top of the article just above ‘Mission Statement’.