The Western Forestry Contractors’ Association

Representing Western Canada’s forestry contracting industry

The Western Forestry Contractors’ Association represents forestry contracting businesses operating in Western Canada. These companies provide professional consulting services, grow seedlings, plant trees, tend stands, brush plantations, fight wild fires, prepare planting sites, survey forest regeneration, burn slash piles and restore forest and range ecosystems. The WFCA respects the public’s interest in sound forestry practices and advocates on behalf of its members and the industry on forest policy, business practice and safety. The WFCA speaks to the general public, policy makers, regulators, workers and the forest industry in general on matters that concern the forestry contracting sector. WFCA members comply with the Association’s code of ethics and are industry leaders in safe, responsible and professional conduct. Read more

Forest Safety Ombudsman Calls for Provincial Helicopter Emergency Service

Forest Safety Ombudsman Roger Harris says inequitable access to emergency care is a serious problem for injured forest workers as well as all residents of rural British Columbia. He’s recommended our provincial government establish a helicopter emergency service capable of transporting patients to level three trauma centres within an hour. View the full report here.