Preliminary polling of contractors indicate the 2007 tree planting season is winding down successfully concluding another peak year with an even younger and less experienced workforce.

The remedy to the workforce capacity challenge, so far, has been to simply hire more green planters. That recruitment strategy has worked for this year. But it is uncertain if these workers will return next year according to contractors who are concerned that the sector is entering a phase of perpetually high employee turnover along with the continuing loss of experienced workers.

Developing an enduring strategy to recruit and retain silviculture workers, including essential supervisors and managers, will be the main theme of this year’s WSCA workforce summit to be held in Kamloops Thursday 23 August. Maintaining safety, production and work quality with a younger, less experienced workforce remain principle concerns of the sector.

John Betts
Executive Director
Western Silvicultural Contractors’ Association
Phone: 250-229-4380