The WSCA will convene the 2006 Annual Conference & Trade Show at the Laurel Point Inn in Victoria from Wed. Feb. 1 thru Fri. Feb. 3, 2006.

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WSCA Trade Show Information Package – 2006.pdf

Qualified Companies – An Introduction.pdf

Qualified Companies – Current Activities.pdf

2006 Conference Program.doc

Stay tuned here for more information and updates. Please click the above link to the Word document that outlines the current draft program of the 2006 Annual Conference in Victoria (updated, with times, on Fri. Jan. 13).

Included above, as a link, is the Word document for registration at the Conference.

As well, there is a link to a PDF document that contains information pertinent to those that want to present their company in the Trade Show portion of the Conference.

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Now also appended above are two PDF documents that introduce and explain the Qualified Company Initiative of the BCFSC.

QCI/SAFE will be the primary focus of the afternoon session of the Conference on Wednesday Feb. 1, including an in-depth presentation of the QCI Audit Process for the Silviculture Sector. (see the ‘2006 Conference Draft Program’ above for details).

In January 2004, the Forest Safety Task Force, made up of licensees, associations, union leaders, independent contractors and government recommended that forest companies which meet certain safety criteria should be eligible for discounts on their WCB rates.

The BC Forest Industry is making this happen. The Qualified Companies Project will give companies a way to become SAFE – a Safety Accord Forestry Enterprise – and benefit from lower costs, improved safety performance and shared knowledge.

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A Note from WSCA Executive Director John Betts regarding QCI/SAFE:

Re: Attached Outlines of the Qualified Company Initiative now known as SAFE Company

“The first half day of the WSCA Conference Wednesday 1 February 2006 will be dedicated to the workplace safety practices and procedures that will become the standard for firms participating in silviculture and fire-fighting activities in B.C. in the very near future.”

“In particular the session will feature a description of the SAFE Company initiative. To prepare you contractors for this session and to convince those of you who are dithering on attending I have attached a draft internal document that gives a pretty good idea of where this program is going.”

“Unless you have been under a rock during the last few months you realize that safety in the forest sector has been a big story and there is a considerable push to move from talk to implementation. Many of you may need to prepare now for the coming audits and reviews.”

“The Conference will be a significant place to get your bearings as a company and for us to collectively respond as a sector. If you have questions that need answers before the Conference please call.”

John Betts
Executive Director
Western Silvicultural Contractors’ Association
Phone: 250-229-4380